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About PD Names...

We provide superior service to individuals, corporations and other entities needing assistance with the purchase or sale of premium domain names. Anyone in the market to divest or acquire naming assets needs an experienced and trusted adviser with brokerage industry experience.

Our hand-picked team of experts in the domain industry develops life-long relationships with the clients we serve by providing them with superior service and an adherence to the highest ethical standards.

What we do

Domain names are more important than you think. The perfect website address can be the gateway to your online success. Even with endless TLD possibilities, some top-level domains will always remain premium. If a domain name you’d like is already registered and you don’t know how to purchase a domain name, we can help! We can buy it for you from the aftermarket or help you pick an alternative. We also work with domain investors, helping them sell their name assets for a better price.
Here’s how the process works:



Our domain experts help clients pick up names that are related to their industry and are more likely to serve them well.


We checks who own it. We also make sure that the domain name isn’t trademarked. We’ll also evaluate the domain to learn how much it’s really worth.

Contacting The Seller

We’ll contact the seller for you, making sure your identity remains anonymous.


Undoubtedly this the most critical aspect of the deal. Our job involves negotiating a fair price and getting the domain owner to agree to your offer.


We help clients during the transfer, including opening an escrow to transfer the funds and making sure that everything promised in the deal is honoured. All of this is done before the domain is registered.

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PD Names (Premium Domain Names) has a long and successful track record of helping individuals, small businesses.

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